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*Not sure where to start when looking at the mammoth task of getting your company online?*

*Sick of being ripped off by smooth talking sales people selling you things you do not need?*

If you have answered “Yes” to any of these questions above you have arrived at the right website, let
me explain why! World renowned speaker Wolfgang Hofbauer has been asked endlessly how his customers have achieved such success in getting their company online and listed on the first page of Google

To this his answer is always the same “They have gained some basic education to be able to better instruct and source a development company hence getting a far better ROI for their efforts”

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This question was usually followed by “But that will take a lot of time and I don’t have that time” to which he said “Well, if I was to show you a way to get all the information you need to take any business online successfully, would that be of interest to you?”

Well you can guess the answers he always received and if not it was always “Please show me where to get it as I want some of the $13 billion dollar online Sales” he has even had “Please tell me, my business is going under and I need to provide for my family”

In order to reach more people Wolfgang decided to take a drastic step of making his education/expertise available to more people not simply the businesses who he has mentored and assisted with their online marketing/exposure

This was the birth of “Webutation Reputation” the book. A detailed book on how to take any company online successfully. He has included so many hints in this world class book that he was asked by other internet marketing companies why he is making so much available to the public

No matter whether you are a company which only provides services or only sells products or even requires a membership site to educate the public on your special knowledge all aspects are catered for in this easy to read book

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Webutation The Book

Webutation The Book
Webutation The Book

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Lets now take a look at the subjects covered in this Easy to Read Book:

  1. The Internet Business Revolution (Page 1) – Discover why you need to take massive action now to not be left behind and suffer with your sales declining
  2. The Importance of Branding/Reputation (Page 7) – Your reputation is everything and is the first thing people see online when they do a search for you. With a good reputation you will establishing Yourself as the Go-To Company
  3. Do It Yourself or Outsource? (Page 25) – A common hurdle to overcome and Wolfgang has been kind enough to provide what he feels are the 6 most common errors businesses make when making this decision.First Mistake – Saving Money Over Time or Save Time
    1. First Mistake – Saving Money Over Time or Save Time (Page 26)
    2. Second Mistake – Not Getting the Right Education (Page 28)
    3. Third Mistake – Not Selecting the Best Company for Your Needs(Page 32)
    4. Fourth Mistake – Not Enough Simplicity in Layout (Page 35)
    5. Fifth Mistake – Not Having a Good Payment Process (Page 40)
    6. Sixth Mistake – Not Having the Right Colour Selection )Page 43)
    7. Bonus – Copy Writing (Page 49)
  4. Shopping Carts (Page 71) are a vital aspect if your business is looking to sell anything online. Issues you need to consider are
    1. How can taking Payments be made easy for you and your customers
    2. Why use or should you use PayPal
    3. What is an SSL and Why You NEED One if taking payments
    4. Would You Like Fries with That? Wolfgang’s humour but a must not miss aspect of Shopping carts and increasing your sales/bottom line by a substantial amount
  5. Online Marketing (Page 83) is where you will either make or break your businesses online venture. The following aspects of online Marketing are vital to grow your exposure, attract more customers resulting in a bigger reputation and bigger bottom line in your businesses financial statements
    1. Location Pinpointing (Page 84)
    2. Cost Per Click (Page 86)
    3. Relationship Building (Page 91)
    4. Automation (Page 91)
    5. Video (Page 94)
    6. Article (Page 99)
    7. Press Release (Page 106)
    8. SEO (Page 108)
    9. The Facebook Buzz (Page 125)
    10. To App or not to App (Page 147)
  6. Offline Marketing (Page 153) is still very important and needs to be incorporated with your online efforts so Wolfgang Hofbauer has provided this informative chapter shedding some light on the possibilities
    1. Traditional verses Modern
  7. LinkedIn (Page 161) is more for business to Business style of products or services type of businesses but a totally under utilised and misunderstood source for customers. The following aspects will put you miles ahead of your competition and see you winning the race towards becoming the “Go To Leader” in your Niche
    1. Understanding the power of LinkedIn
    2. Setting up Your Profile Correctly
    3. Increasing Your Connections
  8. Feedback (Page 181) Has been sooooo neglected by most businesses and it is Wolfgang’s aim to show you power of this one aspect which can TRIPPLE your sales alone.
    1. Are You Listening to Your Customers?
    2. Using Bribes to get Testimonials
    3. Surveys
  9. Security (Page 189) these days is very important. I mean these days you always hear stories of companies being hacked, Look even Google and some Banks have been hacked so what can you do or do you even need it?

All this and more will be answered by this little gem of a book. Reading this thought provoking book will set your course towards a result producing internet exposure.

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They are only a few steps away from you once you have a good Internet presence established. After all who would not want to take advantage of the $13 billion spent last year by Australian online shoppers alone.

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Webutation The Book

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Webutation The Book

Webutation The Book